Vital Strength Amino Betadex Review

Vital Strength Amino Betadex Review

Vital Strength Amino Betadex Review

While Vital Strength has been known for its protein supplements for some time, they offer a full and ever-expanding range of sports supplements for any athlete looking to excel. With a number of amino acid and women's-specific products in the Vital Strength range, they now offer one of the largest selections of supplements in Australia.

Amino Betadex is the new intra-workout product designed to promote performance and recovery ability. Although all of Vital Strength's products are catered towards athletes, Amino Betadex is ideal for anyone who is undertaking explosive or high intensity exercise. It features a sugar-free BCAA formula with added amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Key Ingredients

  • Beta-Alanine (1.2g) - An excellent supplement for endurance and power, beta-alanine is a staple in pre and intra workout supplements. It helps to buffer lactic acid build-up, which is the main reason why a lift, run or other movement is stopped.
  • Amino Acids (2.6g) - With branched chain amino acids in a 4:1:1 ratio, as well as a 1.9g dose of glutamine, Amino Betadex provides support for muscle to grow and recover from strenuous exercise.
  • Vitamins & Minerals - A full spectrum of vitamins and minerals are included in Amino Betadex, which is ideal for supporting muscle function, improving immune function and supporting recovery from exercise. Electrolytes are included in this mix to ensure important minerals are restored to muscles ensuring they are able to keep functioning.

Flavours & Sizes

Vital Strength Amino Betadex is available in a 360g container, which provides 72 servings. It's only available in Orange Thirst flavour currently.


Each serving of Amino Betadex is 5g, providing 1.2g of beta-alanine and 1.9g of glutamine. These ingredients are underdosed, and when taking into account that there is only 731mg of BCAA's in each serving, you will need to at least double the suggested serving size to get the full effect of the ingredients. Two serves should be enough for each workout.


At 72 servings (5g per serve), Amino Betadex is extremely good value! But as stated above, you'll need two scoops per serve to get enough ingredients to make a difference to your workouts, so that cuts the servings down to 36 per tub. Even at 36 serves per tub, Amino Betadex works out to be just over $1 per serve, which is very good.


Vital Strength Amino Betadex is a stimulant and sugar-free intra-workout amino acid supplement. It's designed to promote endurance and strength, as well as speedier recovery and better muscle function, thanks to the combination of beta-alanine, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Although the servings are a little small, it still works out to be a good value product, and something to try if you feel your performance and recovery are currently lacking.

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