USP Labs Jack3d Review

USP Labs Jack3d Review

USP Labs Jack3d Review

The USP Labs brand, and particularly the Jack3d product has been one of the real supplement revolutions in the past decade. Gym goers are still raving about the Jack3d Advanced formula even now, years after the ban, with USP Labs struggling to find that same popularity with Jack3d Micro in the years since.

The new USP Labs Jack3d promises to be the closest alternative to the banned Jack3d Advanced formula, and if early popularity is anything to go by, we think it will go close. It features a 45-scoop container (which like the original Jack3d equals 15-22 serves for most people), and an almost-identical tub that might make you think you’re getting the original Jack3d Advanced. Let’s see what’s in it.

USP Labs Jack3d Key Ingredients

- L-Citrulline – One of the first-picked ingredients in most pre-workouts these days is citrulline, thanks to some excellent effects on pump and bloodflow. We like that Jack3d has used l-citrulline, and not citrulline malate – this means that you need far less of the ingredient to get the same effects.

- Arginine Nitrate – This is a combination of l-arginine and nitrate, both of which are excellent additions to supplements for different reasons. Arginine has been shown to boost bloodflow, nitric oxide and growth hormone production, while nitrate is a potent oxygen enhancer and plasma nitrate enhancer. This combination is excellent for workout performance, recovery and pumps.

- Beta-Alanine – Beta-alanine is one of the most researched ingredients in Jack3d, and is not only found in pre-workouts, but intra-workout supplements as well. It’s an ideal ingredient for stamina – studies have shown it to significantly increase muscular endurance, increase aerobic capacity and reduce fatigue.

- PurEnergy – PurEnergy is a patented combination of pterostilbene and caffeine, which basically makes it a supercharged form of caffeine. The addition of pterostilbene means that a far greater proportion of caffeine is absorbed into the bloodstream, and it lasts far longer in the body as well.

USP Labs Jack3d Flavours & Sizes

The new USP Labs Jack3d comes in a 239g (45-scoop) tub, and in Mango, Pineapple and Raspberry Lemonade flavours.

USP Labs Jack3d Dosage

The recommended serving size of Jack3d is 2-3 scoops, meaning that you’ll get between 15-23 serves in each tub at this dosage. Unfortunately the ingredients are listed in a proprietary blend so we can’t give exact ingredient doses, except for caffeine which comes in at 130mg/scoop. At this level, two scoops will give most people a nice buzz, and three scoops will be quite intense. With the addition of higenamine and hordenine, you’ve got quite a potent stimulant base.

Why we like USP Labs Jack3d

- Jack3d Advanced-like stimulant hit
- Looks nearly identical to the original Jack3d
- Strong pumps, stamina, energy and focus


The new Jack3d by USP Labs is the closest they’ve come to recreating the original that was loved by so many. With a huge stimulant hit thanks to PurEnergy, caffeine anhydrous, hordenine and higenamine, DMAA lovers won’t be disappointed with the energy and focus they’ll get from the new Jack3d. Some excellent support ingredients such as citrulline, arginine nitrate, beta-alanine and creatine anhydrous round out the formula for an overall great recreation of the original Jack3d.

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