Musashi Bulk Extreme Review

Musashi Bulk Extreme Review

Musashi Bulk Extreme Review

The Musashi Bulk range is being constantly expanded to include new proteins, weight gainers, amino acid supplements and protein bars, and now offers a huge range of supplements for anyone looking to maximise their training and growth potential. Bulk is one of the best-known mass gaining brands in Australia, and Musashi is consistently offering new products to meet users' specialised needs.

Bulk Extreme is the latest product in the Musashi Bulk range, and is a close cousin to the Bulk Mass Gain Protein which is one of the best-selling weight gainers of all time. Bulk Extreme features a slightly modified blend for more calories per serve and an overall improved weight gainer.

Bulk Extreme Key Ingredients

  • Protein Blend - The protein blend in the new Musashi Bulk Extreme is a combination of whey protein concentrate, full cream milk powder, skim milk powder, whey protein isolate and sodium caseinate. These protein sources vary in their digestion rates and accessibility within the bloodstream, and most have the added advantage that they are full protein sources with all their growth fractions intact.

  • Carbohydrate Blend - The bulk of the carbohydrates in Bulk Extreme comes from maltodextrin, as well as glucose syrup and naturally-occurring carbohydrates from the protein sources. These are extremely rapid-absorbing carbs which help to quickly replenish glycogen and spike insulin levels - perfect for promoting weight gain.

  • Lipid Blend - The fats added to Bulk Extreme come from medium chain triglycerides (MCT's), which are the fats that are rapidly digested and utilised in the body, much like carbs.

Bulk Extreme Flavours & Sizes

The new Musashi Bulk Extreme comes in a 2.25kg container (45 servings), in Chocolate flavour.

Bulk Extreme Dosage

This version of Musashi Bulk provides 423 calories per 100g serve, which is higher than the Bulk Mass Gain at 371 calories per 100g serve. With 500ml of skim milk, the calories per serve skyrockets to 556, with 51g of protein, 10g of fat and 65.1g of carbohydrates - an excellent ratio for mass gain, particularly post-workout. Most users should stick to 1-2 servings per day in addition to their regular meals.

Why we like Musashi Bulk Extreme

  • More calories per serve
  • MCT powder is great for energy and a calorie boost
  • Five different protein sources


For anyone who struggles with gaining weight with the original Musashi Bulk Mass Gain, the new Bulk Extreme is the next step, providing more calories per serve, but with a similar ingredient breakdown to the original Bulk protein. Used around workouts, Bulk Extreme can be a powerful tool to boost your mass gaining efforts and help you recover faster from workouts.

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