Casein Protein Intake - Why It Is a Must for You!

Proteins are known as the building blocks of the human body because they are essential for normal tissue and body functioning. Cell structures and regulations greatly depend on the number of proteins taken, thus, varied powders and supplements are generally used by bodybuilders to remove deficiencies, to increase metabolism and to build muscle.

Remember that the human body needs protein to build muscle and to burn fat. That's why health conscious people and bodybuilders alike have realised the importance of adding protein to a diet, including one type of protein called casein protein. Milk is enriched with proteins, and globulin, albumin and casein are three of the proteins which come from milk. The body digests casein protein powder at a relatively slower pace as compared to whey proteins. Before casein is absorbed by the muscles, the stomach's chemicals react to it and form a gel which takes hours to completely break down. Normally, the process helps to provide a steady and regular supply of certain amino acids for up to eight hours. The ‘trickle effect' of these amino acids will continue to feed your muscles for hours, preventing muscle break down, known as catabolism. Casein's ability to combat catabolism of muscle keeps your metabolism up and helps you get rid of bodyfat.

The quantity of protein which is absorbed by the system of the body is called the biological value. To compare the biological value of whey, egg and casein protein, casein protein has 77, whey has 104 and egg has 100 respectively. Although it has a lower biological value, casein has been scientifically proven to have abundant benefits. Casein protein has a low biological value as it contains high glutamine content. Glutamine is an amino acid that enhances the immune system, repairs muscle damage and helps you to grow muscle. Casein protein supplements are approximately made of eighty percent protein. Their beneficial properties are the result of active peptides and amino acids.

Ever wondered how much protein should you take to build muscle or to lose weight? As a guide, you should take one gram of protein, per pound of body weight. For example, if you weigh 70kgs, you need to consume approximately 154 g of protein each day to reach your target. It's definitely a good idea to take some of this protein in the form of casein, as well as other protein sources such as animal and whey proteins to get the full spectrum of fast and slow absorbing amino acids. Taking casein protein powder as a part of a healthy diet is also recommended to enhance muscle retention, to increase strength and to maintain muscle mass. Casein also contains a much higher level of calcium, which aids in weight reduction.

It's generally recommended to take casein protein before going to sleep at night. The time at which casein protein must be taken has an important role to play for muscle development. Since casein protein is a slow digesting protein, it is recommended that you consume your casein shake as your last meal, so that the slow digesting proteins can feed your muscles while you sleep. Bear in mind that growth and repair takes place when you are asleep, when your body takes the opportunity to recover from the intense workouts during the day. On the other hand, casein can also be used as a meal replacement shake during the day. It's especially useful for those who go for long periods of time without eating (much like when you are asleep), as the gradual break down of the proteins in casein will keep your body nourished for longer periods of time.

Considering the multiple benefits of using casein protein in your diet, it fairly clear that most athletes or weight trainers should be supplementing with casein. Be sure to choose your casein product wisely - it's always best to go with a supplement company you know and trust, and it's especially useful if you already use their other products. For example, if you use a whey protein and a creatine product from a company, adding their casein to your supplement stack will mean you will receive additional benefits, especially when some supplements are meant to be ‘stacked' with others.

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