BSc Hydroxyburn Shred Ultra Review

Body Science Hydroxyburn Shred Ultra Review


The ever-evolving Body Science (BSc for those in a hurry) brand won’t rest on their laurels – they’re always repackaging, reformulating and rejigging their supplement offerings, and it’s time to look into their newest – Hydroxyburn Shred Ultra. The Hydroxyburn range has been around for years, spawning many variations - in protein, capsule and powder forms, and now even includes a sleep formula.

Today, though, we’re taking a deeper look into the Hydroxyburn Shred Ultra – one of four new additions to Body Science as part of their Ultra range, which includes Pre Ultra, Whey Ultra and BCEAA Ultra. Shred Ultra is Body Science’s flagship fat burner, and is a clear competitor to Oxyshred – in formulation, size, pricing and even flavouring.

As an added bonus, as with many of Body Science’s products, Shred Ultra is listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods – which means that any claims made by BSc on the product label had to be proven with research and approved by the TGA. Not many sports supplements can boast this claim!

Let’s look at what’s in each tub…

Body Science Hydroxyburn Shred Ultra Key Ingredients

Each tub of BSc Hydroxyburn Shred Ultra includes the following key ingredients, in each 5g scoop:

- Hydroxycitric acid (150mg) – Hydroxycitric acid is an isomer of the popular garcinia cambogia fruit, and this is a fairly common ingredient nowadays in fat burners. While research is mixed (most of the positive benefits come from animal studies), garcinia seems to be a staple ingredient across the board in most fat burning capsules and powders for its’ ability to reduce the user’s ability to create new fat stores within the body.

- Camellia sinensis (green tea) leaf (2500mg equiv.) – More commonly known as green tea, camellia sinensis is widely regarded as a superfood, providing a whole host of benefits. These include improving insulin sensitivity, reducing blood glucose levels and improving cognition, among many others. For Shred Ultra, the benefits of green tea include the all-important increase in fat oxidation (fat released from the body to be burned) and reduction in body fat mass.

- Withania Somnifera (ashwagandha) root (500mg) – Ashwagandha is another ingredient that provides a whole host of benefits to health and performance, with research showing that it can reduce anxiety, increase testosterone, reduce stress, reduce cholesterol, and (for weight loss) improves exercise performance and reduces body weight. This would be one of the first ingredients we’d choose if putting together any sports supplement to improve all aspects of health and performance.

- Bacopa Monnieri (Brahmi) whole plant (2500mg equiv.) – Bacopa is the first true nootropic ingredient on the Shred Ultra ingredient list, and is no doubt included for its’ cognitive boosting effects rather than fat burning ability. Bacopa’s main benefits come in boosting memory and attention, great for anyone who wants to use Shred Ultra to start their day, or before a workout.

- Acetyl-L-Carnitine (2000mg)Carnitine is used widely is sports supplements, especially for fat-burning and testosterone-boosting effects. Interestingly, it seems that recent research has shown that the most potent benefits coming from carnitine supplementation may have to do with its’ ability to reduce fatigue and therefore boost workout performance. Better performance = better results.

Shred Ultra contains a number of other active ingredients, such as guarana, green coffee, chromium and inositol. The combination of these ingredients is to boost total caffeine content in part, but there are some other insulin-control and energy-boosting effects that can be attributed also.

Body Science Hydroxyburn Shred Ultra Flavours & Sizes

Currently, Shred Ultra comes in four flavours: Watermelon, Passionfruit, Blue Raspberry and Grape. Each tub is 300g, providing 60 x 5g serves – most people will use 1-2 serves per day, giving you somewhere in the range of 30-60 days per tub.

Body Science Hydroxyburn Shred Ultra Dosage

The doses in Shred Ultra are a little confusing – some ingredients are listed as equivalent doses, and others as the size of the extract. The takeaways from the dosing are this:

- Caffeine is at a mild 156mg per serve – ideal for twice daily consumption.
- Acetyl-l-carnitine is at a nice 2g per serve – this is an effective dose, and will also work well for a twice daily consumption.
- Ashwagandha, bacopa and garcinia are included at research-valid doses as well.

Overall, the dosing is right on, and is especially-effective if used twice daily.

Why we like Body Science Hydroxyburn Shred Ultra

- Great flavours
- Direct competitor to Oxyshred
- Boosts performance, cognition and fat loss

The Bottom Line

Body Science Hydroxyburn Shred Ultra is a product that assists not just with fat loss, but mental and physical performance as well. With research-valid claims, nice fruit flavours and good ingredient doses, it’s a great competitor to Oxyshred.

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